Case Study: Agile implementation in a Microsoft group

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Agile implementation in the Payout Transformation Program of a Microsoft group.

Controls and Compliance is seeking to a way to reduce the number of payments made through Third Party Payment Providers (3PP) by bringing those payments in-house. This will result in significant savings and ensure validity of payees.

People involved
The Agile implementation was started in a group of 94 people in various roles – Product Owner, Development Team, Agile Coach, SMEs.

• Coaching team to focus on defining and delivering the Minimum Viable Product
• Transformation of the development team to Agile practicing team
• Faster delivery of a very high quality potentially shippable product each Sprint
• Including customers and establishing transparency in the transformation

• Just-in-time Agile training for the team using Scrum practices
• Introducing innovation in our day-to-day work
• Creating an Agile team and splitting it to let a team create other teams
• Suggest and implement continuous improvement measures as required
• Establishing App-in-a-day and hackathon as learning process

• Team was a little cautious about Agile approach and its benefits
• Concerns on practicality of Agile execution due to limited benefits earlier

• Connected with key people trusted by the team and started experimentation through them
• Suggested the team to start the Sprint with better Scrum practices including:
o Team Working Agreement
o Definition of Done to build quality into the system
• Discussed strategies to introduce innovation, better collaboration, and remove impediments
• Team demonstrated the completed work every week to get customer feedback early

Benefits and Achievements
• First team delivered the 5-month long Program set-up project in 2 months
• The entire program was delivered 2 months before the expected delivery date
• There was increased customer interactions and satisfaction
• Each Sprint the team delivered a very high quality production ready code
• Increased focus on quality delivery with fully automated test suites
• There is an increasing cultural shift towards continuous improvement and learning
• There was a high degree of urgency, synergy, engagement and happiness in the team

Ashok is an agile thinker, innovator, writer, and entrepreneur. Ashok specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile practices to build extremely high-performance organizations.

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