‘Bedside Manners’ – Did you ever wake up on the wrong side of your bed?

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How do you deal with your customers? What emotions do you want your customers to feel when they do business with you? How would you like them to describe the “why” in one sentence, “That’s why I like your product or service?”

You can always tell about somebody or a company by the way they treat their customer.

‘Bedside Manner’ is a way of acting or behaving by a physician in the presence of a patient. Doctors who want to avoid malpractice lawsuits should brush up on their ‘Bedside Manner’, two studies suggest. Doctors are more likely to be sued if patients feel they are rude, rush visits or fail to answer questions, said the authors of the studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

In the disruptive digital world, just like doctors, the businesses have a ‘Bedside Manner’ that defines the customer’s experience of doing business with them. ‘Bedside Manners’ matter at all levels of customer interactions whether you are serving your team or your end customer.

A servant leader serving a team

A compassionate coach with good listening skills, who encourages questions, don’t get defensive when challenged create a wonderful environment of trust and likability for the team to succeed. He or she works with the team to fit their need, and does not suggest any cookie cutter solutions.

A Scrum team working with the stakeholders

If you want to nail customer experience, you need to have customer empathy and you need to make sure that you make your stakeholders feel good. ‘Feel good’ is not merely following what they ask but also guide them in the journey as a partner. Empathy is a mind-set of employees who understand stakeholders’ situation, feelings, and motives to deliver a great customer experience.

A company serving the real customers
Companies with a positive ‘Bedside Manner’ create a positive customer experience. They understand their pain and directly connect with them. They are rewarded through customer loyalty and their customers will often give them the benefit of the doubt when they mess up and will recommend them to their friends and colleagues.

In many companies ‘Bedside Manner’ is not valued. There is no consistency in the ‘Bedside Manner’ showed. Their employees are not trained to exhibit that trait. Clearly they miss the boat.

Some tips to nurture the excellent ‘Bedside Manners’ to create a niche for yourself:
• Develop a shared purpose
• Know your customer and their value clearly
• Make every one understand the importance of ‘Bedside Manner’ at their level
• Reciprocate in kind – reward customer centricity
• Have the metrics available to show how ‘Bedside Manners’ increase value

In short, to be successful create an emotional attachment with your customers through the experience the customer has in doing business with you.

Ashok is an agile thinker, innovator, writer, and entrepreneur. Ashok specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile practices to build extremely high-performance organizations.

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